Aug 112013
 August 11, 2013  Posted by  Misc

DJ Pangburn writes:

While people are fixated on former NSA and CIA chief Michael Hayden’s Tuesday comments that the NSA’s sifting through metadata is “really good news,” they should be far more concerned about how he characterized pro-Snowden, pro-privacy activists and hackers.

In a Bipartisan Policy Center cybersecurity speech, Hayden invoked a century’s worth of terror descriptors, calling Snowden supporters and privacy proponents “nihilists, anarchists… twentysomethings who haven’t talked to the opposite sex in a five or six years.”

Read more on MotherBoard.

For the record, Mr. Hayden, I am a card-carrying member of the AARP. I talk to my husband every day, and I was raised to respect others’ rights to their opinions, even if they don’t agree with my own. It’s a shame you weren’t raised to respect others, too.

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