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 October 29, 2013  Posted by  Online, Youth & Schools

Karen Sloan reports:

Law students are heading back to middle school this year—to teach kids about Internet privacy.

Fordham University School of Law’s Center for Law and Information Policy developed a pilot program last year designed to help kids between 11 and 14 understand and mitigate the privacy risks they encounter by using technology.

Now the program is going nationwide. More than a dozen law schools have committed to similar efforts in middle schools in their areas this spring and organizers hope to add more in the future.

Read more on Law.com.

Fordham’s press releases on the program can be found here and here.  Their privacy curriculum and materials can be found here:

Complete Curriculum (pdf)

Lesson Plan Powerpoint Slides
Passwords & Behavioral Ads
Dealing with Social Media
Technology: Mobile, WiFi, Facial Recognition

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