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 November 19, 2011  Posted by  Featured News, Surveillance

Adam Rawnsley reports:

The U.S. military can see you breathing on the other side of that wall. It can even see your heartbeat racing while you crouch behind the door. But if you think running farther away or hiding in a crowd will make you invisible to the Defense Department’s sensors, you might be in for a surprise. The Pentagon’s geeks are looking to tweak their life-form finder so they can spot your tell-tale heart no matter what you do.

Darpa, the Pentagon’s mad-science shop, announced last week that it’s looking to improve on technologies that sniff out biometric signatures like heartbeats from behind walls. Dubbed “Biometrics-at-a-distance,” the program seeks to build sensors that can remotely identify humans from farther away and tell them apart in a crowd.

Read more on Danger Room.

This is a useful example of why I do not adhere to the position expressed by some others that all surveillance is inherently evil.  If you read the full article, you’ll see useful applications that we would likely all endorse.

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