Sep 122014
 September 12, 2014  Posted by  U.S., Youth & Schools

Evan Lambert reports:

Two teens were cited for sexting after police said they shared a nude photo of a girl while in class at West Port High School in Marion County.

The boys, 14 and 15, were cited under Florida’s sexting statute, which makes a first-time offense a civil infraction and not a crime for minors.

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The girl whose picture was involved reportedly told police that it had been edited via Photoshop. So what are the police doing about the fact that a minor’s nude photo was on Instagram, edited? Is this harassment or “revenge porn?” Is this child porn?

And is 8 hours of community service really a deterrent compared to teenage curiosity and hormones?

I’m glad that children’s lives won’t be ruined by criminal charges on their records for somewhat normal teen curiosity/behavior, but is this approach likely to be effective? I tend to doubt it.

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