Oct 052012
 October 5, 2012  Posted by  Business, Court

Mathew J. Schwartz followed up on the FTC action against DesignerWare, LLC, and uncovered some interesting details about the firm’s bankruptcy and legal woes. As this blog was the first to report, DesignerWare filed for bankruptcy in March 2012. Schwartz found out, though, that they are facing problems on multiple fronts:

DesignerWare’s bankruptcy filing listed the following creditors as holding the largest unsecured claims against it: the Florida Office of the Attorney General Economic Crimes Division, Brian and Crystal Byrd, the California Attorney General Office, the California Department of Justice eCrime Unit, the Texas Office of the Attorney General Consumer Protection Division, and the Federal Trade Commission.

In other words, DesignerWare appears to be, or to have been, the subject of multiple states’ investigations, and at least one of those investigations remains ongoing.

Read more on InformationWeek.

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