Apr 172011
 April 17, 2011  Posted by  Laws

A column by Tamela Wiseman in the Herald-Tribune suggests that Florida legislators may have gone too far in protecting privacy. In response to a question about what information may be published – with waivers – by condominium associations, Wiseman explains:

:Section 718.111, Florida Statutes, governs Florida’s condominium official records that must be open and available for inspection by members. Last year, the Legislature amended this section out of concern for member privacy. The changes made were criticized as overbroad.

As the law currently reads, owner Social Security numbers, driver’s license numbers, credit-card numbers, emergency contact numbers, e-mail addresses and telephone numbers are excluded from those association official records that can be accessed by other owners or distributed by the board. The current law does not provide for an owner to waive his or her rights to disclose personal information so that it can be included in a member directory.

These changes have been unpopular and are now a subject of a so-called glitch bill working its way through this year’s legislative session. (See Senate Bill 530.)

Read more in the Herald-Tribune.

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