Apr 172012
 April 17, 2012  Posted by  Youth & Schools

Ronnie Blair reports:

Pasco County students who use cellphones or other electronic devices to snap photos of classmates, teachers or anyone else at school would need to ask permission under planned revisions to the student code of conduct.

They would also need to ask the person’s permission before posting those photos on social network sites or other Internet sites.

The same prohibitions would apply to video.

Read more on the Pasco Tribune.

So you can’t take a picture of a school concert and upload it without getting every student’s permission just to even take the picture?

You can’t snap photos of a high school football game and upload it without getting every player’s permission before you can even take a picture?

Prohibiting the taking of pictures in some settings such as locker rooms, bathrooms, or the nurses’s office makes some sense, but how far does this prohibition go?

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