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 February 3, 2019  Posted by  Healthcare, U.S., Youth & Schools

Julie Salomone reports:

Multiple students in Bradenton were in the hospital Friday after one of them brought prescription drugs to school that morning, authorities say.

Deputies say a 14-year-old gave some of the drugs to his classmates at Horizon’s Academy.


Deputies say the student brought the drugs from his home, but have not specified the drug the students took.

“That’s part of our investigation, finding out how he had access to the pills. He must have thought it would be cool to take them to school and take them and see what effects they had,” said Warren.

A spokesperson for the Manatee County School District said he could not comment because of student privacy laws.

Wait.   They’re  not telling the parents of the affected students what the medication/drug was?  I would argue that they HAVE to give the parents that information so that parents can follow up properly with their children’s doctors.  It’s one thing not to name the student or how/where they obtained the pills,  but the school should not withhold info on the type of medication or pill. If this is what they are doing, and if I was a parent of an affected  child,  I’d head straight to court to seek release of the information if the hospital hadn’t told me what the substance was.

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