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From the law firm of James E. Crawford, Jr. & Associates, as seen on FindLaw:

Today’s citizens, including those in Maryland, have adopted as an integral part of their lives the new technology: the Web, mobile phones, tablets, etc. Much of this technology includes applications like GPS positioning. To a certain extent, we allow social networking platforms like Facebook and the GPS in our mobile phones to change the landscape of what we once thought of as “private.”

But are we ready for drones over our heads?

The Stand-off

The first American citizen to be arrested with the help of a pilotless drone in the U.S. is claiming his legal rights were violated when a drone flew overhead during a stand-off with police.

The Lakota, North Dakota, resident held police off for nearly 16 hours as he threatened to kill anyone who came on his property. (The stand-off took place over the ownership of six cows that had made their way onto the man’s property.)

The Department of Homeland Security eventually got involved. It used a drone to accurately pinpoint the man’s location on his farm. Then the arrest was made.

The novel facts of the case seem settled, but the outcome is not.

Read more on FindLaw.

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