Mar 262010
 March 26, 2010  Posted by  Surveillance, Workplace

Today’s theme seems to be surveillance. Gary Pinnell reports:

Administrator Michael Wright said Thursday he will sign an agreement with three former employees, who have decided not to pursue a wrongful termination appeal against Highlands County.

“We have worked out an agreement with the county,” said Jim McCollum, the attorney for Treasa Handley, Jared Lee and Christine Edwards. They sued the county two years ago after they were fired for sending sexually laced instant messages to each other. Eleven other county employees were disciplined for inappropriate instant messaging.

“We have elected to put it behind us,” McCollum said. Even so, he believed the U.S. Supreme Court will one day say that what the three did was legally protected. Another pending case deals with the same issue.

Read more on Highlands Today.

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