Aug 172009
 August 17, 2009  Posted by  Misc

Fascinating stuff: Elon Ganor is now working in the field of biotechnology with a new Israeli startup, Nucleix, a firm that is devoted to foiling biological identity theft.

Nucleix’s technology is designed to answer a new problem that has arisen where medicine and law meet: biological identity theft. That refers to the ability to build, in laboratory conditions, synthesized DNA based on the real DNA of a person. Other people could use that fabricated DNA to create the appearance of guilt where none exists, for example by disseminating it at crime scenes.


The startup’s expertise lies in differentiating between artificial DNA and the real genetic code of the actual person. Until now there has been no technology capable of distinguishing between genetic profiles obtained from faked DNA and real biological profiles, it says.


Update 1: The NY Times also has an article on this topic, and it links to a journal article by the investigators, “Authentication of forensic DNA samples.”

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