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 September 26, 2009  Posted by  Govt, Non-U.S.

Michael Gillard reports new developments in the previously reported matter of Turkey’s complaints about Sarah Ferguson (the Duchess of York) concerning her undercover exposé on the condition in state-run orphanages:

The Queen’s lawyers have intervened to block the publication of a book about the Duchess of York’s exposé of child mistreatment in Turkey’s state-run orphanages.

The move could help to defuse an escalating diplomatic row with Ankara that began when Sarah Ferguson and her younger daughter, Princess Eugenie, went undercover for an ITV documentary 10 months ago. Ferguson had intended the programme as a piece of humanitarian campaigning.

The film, made with an ITN journalist, showed shocking images of distressed children tethered to cots and benches or left in soiled rags.

Ankara’s response was to initiate an investigation against Ferguson for breach of privacy laws, a first move towards the almost unprecedented step of an extradition attempt against a relation of the royal family.

Read the full article in the TimesOnline.

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