Nov 212009
 November 21, 2009  Posted by  Business, Court, Govt, Online, Surveillance

Amy L. Edwards reports:

… the Federal Trade Commission is targeting an Orlando company that sells a popular keylogging spyware called RemoteSpy, a product the company says is the best on the market for getting into people’s computers without their knowledge or approval.

The FTC’s action against CyberSpy Software marks the first time the federal agency has gone after a company selling keylogger spyware to the general public, said Rick Quaresima, the agency’s assistant director of the advertising-practices division.

CyberSpy Software says it sells a legal product with legitimate uses such as giving parents a window into children’s computer habits.

But opponents of such spyware say it’s the perfect tool for modern-day thieves, providing all they need to steal your money and identity in this electronic-information age.

Read more in the Orlando Sentinel.

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