Aug 082014
 August 8, 2014  Posted by  Business, Govt

From EPIC:

The Federal Trade Commission has responded to EPIC’s letterurging the agency to oppose a collusive Google class action settlement. The agency stated that it “systematically monitors compliance” with its consumer protection orders and that it “takes alleged violation[s] of an order seriously,” but that it cannot publicly disclose details of its investigations until a formal complaint is issued. In 2010, Google was sued for sharing user web browsing information with advertisers. Under the proposed settlement agreement, Google will distribute several million dollars to a handful of organizations, many of which already have ties to the company. EPIC and other privacy organizations urged the Commission to formally object because the proposed agreement “confers no monetary relief to class members, compels no change in Google’s behavior, and misallocates the cy pres distribution.” The agency has a history of filing objections – it filed a similar objection in Fraley v. Facebook, an unfair class action settlement in the Ninth Circuit. For more information see EPIC: FTC and EPIC: Search Engine Privacy.

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