Aug 172022
 August 17, 2022  Posted by  Court, Healthcare

Patricia Manson reports:

A man’s wish to conceal the fact that he lost an arm in a fireworks accident does not transform that fact into protected confidential information, a federal judge held. In a written opinion, U.S. District Judge Gary Feinerman of the Northern District of Illinois declined to revive Omero Ortiz’s claims that two Cicero paramedics violated his substantive due process right to medical privacy by taking photographs of him inside an ambulance and then posting them on Snapchat.

Read more at Chicago Daily Law Bulletin (sub. req.)

I was so puzzled by the decision that I downloaded it from Recap.  I need to reread it to understand how the paramedics’ actions didn’t violate medical confidentiality — or maybe Ortiz didn’t correctly plead medical confidentiality in claiming violation of substantive due process?  I’m so confused now and will put this one aside until I can read it all more carefully.


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