Apr 122010
 April 12, 2010  Posted by  Court, Workplace

Dennis Romero reports:

A tenured professor in the Department of Radiological Sciences at the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine filed a federal lawsuit last week against the school and the UC Board of Regents arguing that his civil rights were violated when university officials entered his office and copied a personal hard drive in 2008, according to documents provided to LA Weekly.

Robert Burnham Lufkin and others affected by the suit — people with a stake in information on the drive — are plaintiffs in the case that alleges UCLA violated their privacy. The core of the suit involves the professor’s work for private firm US Radiology On-Call (USROC): When the school searched his office it was to provide fodder for its own, 2009 suit that Lufkin was performing outside work for USROC against UC policy. (USROC also filed a cross-complaint against UCLA and the Regents).

Read more on L.A. Weekly.

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