Jun 062016
 June 6, 2016  Posted by  Surveillance, U.S.

From the why-would-you-expect-anything-else dept., Ellen Nakashima reports:

The Obama administration is seeking to amend surveillance law to give the FBI explicit authority to access a person’s Internet browser history and other electronic data without a warrant in terrorism and spy cases.

The administration made a similar effort six years ago but dropped it after concerns were raised by privacy advocates and the tech industry.

Screw that, says a coalition of privacy advocates.

Read more on the Washington Post.


  2 Responses to “FBI wants access to Internet browser history without a warrant in terrorism and spy cases”

  1. It is a little ironic on the 3 year anniversary date that this story was written in the W Post today. (even though that was NSA spying).

  2. And since everyone NOT in the FBI is a ¨terrorist¨, that makes everyone´s browsing history fair game. Nice.

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