Feb 142012
 February 14, 2012  Posted by  Online, Surveillance

Jaikumar Vijayan reports:

The FBI today said that its proposed plans to monitor social media sites as part of a broader strategy to improve real-time situation awareness will be fully vetted by the agency’s Privacy and Civil Liberties Unit.

The unit will review the legal implications of the monitoring application and ensure that it meets all privacy and civil rights obligations before it is implemented, the agency said in a statement emailed to Computerworld “Although the FBI has always adapted to meet changes in technology, the rule of law, civil liberties, and civil rights, will remain our guiding principles,” the agency said.

Read more on Computerworld.

Oh, well then, I’m totally reassured. I mean, it’s not like the FBI ever violated civil liberties while adhering to those same guiding principles, right?

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