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 April 28, 2018  Posted by  Surveillance

Joe Cadillic had sent me this news items a few weeks ago, but I’m finally getting a bit more caught up with his great newshounding (is that a word?).

Neil Connor reports that a suspect was picked up by police in China at a concert by Jacky Cheung, a well-known Hong Kong singer. Out of 60,000 people, they recognized him through the use of facial recognition software.

Ao’s arrest was just the latest example of how law enforcement in China is increasingly utilizing the tool. Connor also reports:

Police wore ‘facial recognition glasses’ at a train station last month which resulted in 33 people being detained for crimes including kidnapping, hit-and-run and using false IDs.

Meanwhile, another 25 suspects were held for historic crimes at a beer festival last year after they were picked out by cameras.

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  1. Minority report is now. Where can I get replacement eyes?

  2. I’d suggest Aisle 4, but I hear they had a data spill so the floor’s slippery.

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