Oct 212010
 October 21, 2010  Posted by  Breaches

Jennifer LeClaire reports:

Mac users may want to avoid FaceTime for Mac because of a security flaw that could let an attacker steal a user’s identity. An online magazine found that hackers could access FaceTime for Mac, steal account settings, and even reset the password. An analyst said Apple has had so few security problems that it is behind Microsoft in creating defenses.


“Once you’ve logged into FaceTime, you can have a look at all the account settings of the used Apple ID,” MacNotes said. “Username, ID, place and birth date are shown as well as the security question and the answer to it — in plain text, without another password request. To reset the password to an Apple ID, all you need (is) the exact birth date and the answer to the security question — we tried that out for you, and it worked fine.”

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