Apr 042010
 April 4, 2010  Posted by  Online

Dan Tynan writes:

Last time out I wrote about about what Facebook Apps can know about you (“That Facebook app is not your friend”), using Lover of the Day as a particularly brain-dead example. Today’s lesson in social media privacy: You may have installed a Facebook app and not even know it.

Recently a friend (we’ll call him “Bob”) signed up for a dating site called OK Cupid. As he was filling out the form listing his interests, wants, dreams, desires, etc, OK Cupid asked if he wanted to populate that form using Facebook Connect. Bob clicked yes and didn’t think twice about it. A few days later he happened to check his Facebook apps page, whereupon he found one called OK Cupid, which was set by default to publish “one line stories” of his recent Cupid activity on his wall.

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