Sep 102021
 September 10, 2021  Posted by  Business, Featured News

Victoria Song reports:

Facebook’s smart glasses are here. They’re made by Ray-Ban, which means they look stylish, and as far as features go, they’re on par with many “smart glasses” currently on the market, with built-in cameras and speakers. Facebook is the biggest name to attempt smart glasses for consumers in years, and they probably have the best shot at pulling it off. But the glasses aren’t really smart, and the fact that Facebook is behind them means there’s a whole lot more than style to consider before buying.


Facebook isn’t beating around the bush with Ray-Ban Stories. It knows what its reputation for privacy is. The company’s product marketing says it was built with privacy in mind, and there’s even a microsite breaking down all the things you can and cannot do with the glasses. Here’s a quick rundown….

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