May 022014
 May 2, 2014  Posted by  Business

Leonid Bershidsky writes:

For all of you privacy fundamentalists, Facebook has a new, friendly, sympathetic face: It will let you log into applications anonymously by clicking on a highly visible button. So third-party developers will not collect any information about you, and those pesky apps won’t post on your wall.

“Great optics,” Chris Taylor says on Mashable. He’s right: Here’s Mark Zuckerberg, whose monetization strategy for Facebook depends on the willingness of users to share information with his company, offering people a chance not to share it. Except that the personal data of Facebook users are being withheld from outside developers, not from Facebook itself, so Zuckerberg is being generous at the expense of others.

There is one other reason that the social network’s newfound respect for privacy is less than it seems.

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