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 May 3, 2010  Posted by  Featured News, Online

Dan Tynan writes:

I’ve spent a fair amount of time lately messing about with Facebook’s privacy settings, which is almost like having a life, but not quite. Then I discovered something odd and disturbing: I cannot make all of my “likes and interests” private so that only my friends can see them. Even when I tell Facebook to do it, it won’t — they’re still visible to anyone who looks up my Facebook profile.

Is it a bug? Was it something I said? Was it all those jokes about Facebook causing venereal disease or because I published a nude photo of Mark Zuckerberg? I dunno. But whatever the reason, even with every single Facebook setting turned to “friends only,” anyone on Facebook can still see the 128 groups I have joined on the site.

Read more on PC World.

Thanks to the reader who sent in this link.

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