Feb 142018
 February 14, 2018  Posted by  Business, Featured News, Online, Surveillance

Joel Hruska reports:

Security is a major concern in computing, particularly in mobile devices and the Internet of Things. Over the past few years, overall usage of VPN services has increased, and consumers often see these programs as a way to avoid having one’s traffic snooped on. Well and good. But Facebook’s new VPN service, which has now rolled out for iOS devices, is fundamentally different than any standard service.

Unlike a typical VPN, Onavo Protect (from a company Facebook purchased in 2013) explicitly gives itself permission to mine your data.

Read more on ExtremeTech.

Related: Gizmodo takes it up a notch in their coverage, with a headline, “Do Not, I Repeat, Do Not Download Onavo, Facebook’s Vampiric VPN Service.


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