Nov 202011
 November 20, 2011  Posted by  Business, Non-U.S., Online

Lisa Vaas writes:

In the face of an ocean of users demanding their personal data as required by European Union law, Facebook has sharply constricted the amount of data it’s handing over.

Instead of sending CDs, Facebook is now directing users to a page where they can download a personal archive, but that archive is now covering only 22 categories — less than half of the 57 categories received by early requesters in the Europe vs. Facebook campaign, according to a report from ITworld.

Read more on Naked Security. Here’s a gem from the blog entry:

Mr. Schrems told ITworld that he’s exchanged e-mails with Richard Allan, Facebook’s director of European public policy, who’s indicated that Facebook is contemplating a system modification that would allow a more in-depth batch of information if the agency finds fault in the company’s current strategy.

I cannot see how throttling back/withholding when you are already under investigation is a smart move. It seems that Facebook is basically daring the Irish DPC to find them out of compliance.

I hope the DPC doesn’t disappoint.

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