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 March 31, 2010  Posted by  Breaches, Featured News, Online

A brief rift in the Facebook privacy shield has been healed, but not before dozens of people documented it. For about 30 minutes late Tuesday, private email addresses were revealed—and then, just as suddenly, they were hidden again.

Read more on Nothing on the Facebook blog as of the time of this posting to explain the breach.

Update 1: Mashable obtained a statement from Facebook about the breach:

“Last night during Facebook’s regular code push, a bug caused hidden e-mail addresses to be visible briefly. The bug was detected within minutes and corrected.”

So for 30 minutes or so, how many people had their private e-mail addresses revealed? There is still nothing on Facebook’s blog about this. C’mon folks, we know you want everything public, but not even a public “Oops” or “Sorry…” ?

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