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 December 21, 2009  Posted by  Online

JR Raphael reports that a complaint filed by EPIC and nine other privacy groups with the FTC concerning Facebook privacy changes has generated a response from Facebook:

Facebook, in response, says it’s already spoken with the FTC and other regulators about the changes. A representative from the company notes that the revised privacy policy also adds a series of more detailed options for users, including the ability to specify different settings for every photo, link, or status update posted onto the social network.

“We’ve had productive discussions with dozens of organizations around the world about the recent changes,” Andrew Noyes, Facebook’s manager of public policy communications, said in a prepared statement. “We’re disappointed that EPIC has chosen to share their concerns with the FTC while refusing to talk to us about them.”

Read more on PC World.

  One Response to “Facebook Privacy Complaint Ignites War of Words”

  1. Facebook, like Google, has become too big for its own boots.

    Why would you sign up to a service where you voluntarily list all, or most, or some, of your known contacts? It’s clear that law enforcement, employers and insurers are now using Facebook (whether via subpoena or by posing as a friend or a friend of a friend) are using information from Facebook to pursue individuals.

    You might not be doing something wrong now, but you never know what your personal circumstances may bring in the future. Do you really want someone who is chasing you to have access to all of your contacts, pictures and status updates?

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