Aug 202010
 August 20, 2010  Posted by  Online, Surveillance

Sharon Gaudin reports:

With its new location-based Places feature, Facebook may have just lit the match that will ignite another round of privacy controversy.

On Wednesday, Facebook took the wraps off of Places, a smartphone-based service that enables users to tell their friends where they are, and to track friends. The service, which is slowly being rolled out to users, enables people to share their friends’ locations.

After dealing with angry and frustrated users for months this year, Facebook is jumping into what have already been tumultuous privacy waters with this new location-based service.

Any location-based service will instill some trepidation in users who see it as a stalker’s best friend. Want to know where someone is? Check Places. Want to know when someone is away from home so you can break in and steal their flat-screen TV? Check Places.

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Rumblings from overseas have already started.

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