Dec 202017
 December 20, 2017  Posted by  Business, Online

Drew Schwartz reports:

On Tuesday, Facebook unveiled a handful of new facial recognition features on the social media platform, including a tool that promises to let you know each time you appear in a photo—even if you’re not tagged in it, the Washington Post reports.

According to Wired, Facebook first rolled out facial recognition technology on its site in 2010, detecting who appeared in your photos and suggesting who you might want to tag. Tuesday’s update appeared to take that a major step further: You can be notified each time a photo of you is uploaded to the site, and be able to tag yourself, message the person who posted it, let Facebook know you’re not actually pictured, or report it, according to Wired. You won’t find out about the image, however, if you’re not in the uploader’s audience—which depends on their privacy settings

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