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Rebecca Greenfield writes:

In an attempt to give advertisers more information about the effectiveness of ads, Facebook has partnered with Datalogix, a company that “can track whether people who see ads on the social networking site end up buying those products in stores,” as The Financial Times‘s Emily Steel and April Dembosky explainAdvertisers have complained that Facebook doesn’t give them any way to see if ads lead to buying. This new partnership is their response, as it connects real-life buying with ads seen on the site. Specifically, the service links up the 70 million households worth of purchasing information that Datalogix has with these buyers’ Facebook profiles. Using that, they can compare the ads you see with the stuff you buy and tell advertisers whether their ads are working. Up until now, the social network has been limited to only tracking your Internet life (on and off with its ubiquitous “like” buttons, but as promised, the future of Facebook is more focused on data, including tracking our offline habits.

Specifically, Datalogix gets its information from retailers like grocery stores and drug stores who keep careful records of what its customers who use its loyalty discount programs are buying. Datalogix’s site doesn’t list its partners, but from a Google search, it looks like the company has worked with CVS’s ExtraCare card program. Datalogix matches the email addresses and other identifying information in those databases to Facebook accounts.

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So… do you find that scary, helpful, or neither?

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