Nov 092012
 November 9, 2012  Posted by  Business, Laws, Non-U.S.

Tom Brewster reports:

Facebook is lobbying hard to influence European Commission policy makers on recent proposals to shake up data privacy laws across member states, TechWeekEurope understands.

Earlier this year, the EC outlined its plans for new data protection rules, laying out a regulation and a directive. They both contained controversial proposals, including the ability for regulators to fine a company two percent of annual turnover for serious failings and an obligation to confess to data breaches within 24 hours of them happening.

A source close to the matter said today the company was putting plenty of effort into lobbying in Brussels to get officials to rethink the laws.


Read more on TechWeek Europe.

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  1. Facebook, an American company lobbying the EU. I can only hope that the EU tells Farcebook where to shove it!

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