Nov 092015
 November 9, 2015  Posted by  Business, Court, Featured News, Online

RTÉ reports:

A Belgian court today gave Facebook 48 hours to stop tracking internet users who do not have accounts with the US social media giant, or risk fines of up to €250,000 a day, a statement said.

The order follows a case lodged by Belgium’s privacy watchdog in June which said Facebook indiscriminately tracks internet users when they visit pages on the site, even if they are not members, the court said.

Read more on RTÉ.

Update: Facebook to appeal Belgian ruling ordering it to stop tracking non-users

  One Response to “Facebook has 48 hours to change tracking behaviour: Belgian Court (UPDATED)”

  1. Belgium is a world hero.

    But facebook is appealing. It’s rights to profit off people who have no dealings with it will be fought to the last breath

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