Feb 022010
 February 2, 2010  Posted by  Court, Online

Joe Harris reports:

A former St. Louis police officer who is facing a felony trial for a shooting has requested records from Facebook, but the social network site isn’t giving them up without a fight. The officer claims that online friendships between investigators and bar patrons create concerns about the impartiality of the investigation.

Albert Watkins, attorney for former police Officer Bryan Pour, says there are friendships between investigating officers and patrons at Mac N Mick’s Sports Bar & Grill in Pontoon Beach, where the Nov. 9, 2008 shooting occurred.

“We believe law enforcement had pre-existing and subsequent relationships with material witnesses,” Watkins told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “Our position is that someone charged with a crime has a right to subpoena exculpatory evidence.”

But Facebook is fighting the subpoena.

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