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 April 23, 2015  Posted by  Business, Online

It may be somewhat old news, but still noteworthy. Several weeks ago, Ben Rossi reported:

Facebook collects all content that is typed into its website, even if it is not posted, a tech consultant has discovered.

In December 2013, it was reported that Facebook plants code in browsers that returns metadata every time somebody types out a status update or comment but deletes it before posting.

At the time, Facebook maintained that it only received information indicating whether somebody had deleted an update or comment before posting it, and not exactly what the text said.

However, Príomh Ó hÚigínn, a tech consultant based in Ireland, has claimed this is not the case after inspecting Facebook’s network traffic through a developer tool and screencasting software.

‘I realised that any text I put into the status update box was sent to Facebook’s servers, even if I did not click the post button,’ he wrote on his blog yesterday.

Read more on Information Age. At the time, Rossi reported that Facebook declined to comment on the claims.

I’ve yet to find any response from them. Has anyone? And what does the ICO or Irish DPC have to say about this? Is this processing of information without required consent?

Thanks to Joe Cadillic for this link.

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