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 September 1, 2010  Posted by  Court, Featured News, Online

This will tickle some readers’ irony bone. Jonathan Stempel reports:

Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg says a lawsuit by a man who claims to own a huge chunk of the popular social networking website is seeking to uncover needless details about his private life.

Zuckerberg is fighting a civil lawsuit filed by Paul Ceglia, an upstate New York resident who claims an 84 per cent stake in the privately-held company, believed to be worth several billion dollars.

Ceglia, an owner of a wood pellet fuel company who lives in Wellsville, New York, is trying to return the case to a New York state court, after Zuckerberg moved it to federal court.

“They filed this remand motion to harass defendants under the pretext of obtaining jurisdictional discovery into Zuckerberg’s private life,” lawyers for Zuckerberg said in a filing this week in the federal court in Buffalo, New York.

Read more in The Age.

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