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 December 11, 2009  Posted by  Featured News, Online

Caroline McCarthy writes:

It’s been a matter of days since Facebook’s new privacy controls went into place, and the company is already making modifications in response to user complaints that they expose too much information. Namely, the company has made it easier to prevent people from seeing who your friends are.

For one, Facebook no longer makes a link to a list of your friends publicly available, and it has added an option for members who want no one at all–including other friends–to see their connections. Third-party applications, however, can still access it.

“In response to your feedback, we’ve improved the Friend List visibility option,” an update to Facebook’s blog post about the new privacy settings read. “Now when you uncheck the ‘Show my friends on my profile’ option in the Friends box on your profile, your Friend List won’t appear on your profile regardless of whether people are viewing it while logged into Facebook or logged out. This information is still publicly available, however, and can be accessed by applications.”

Read more on Cnet.

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