Apr 242018
 April 24, 2018  Posted by  Misc

Gideon Lewis-Kraus reports:

Senator Richard Durbin could scarcely contain himself as he placed his trap for Mark Zuckerberg. “Would you be comfortable,” the senator asked the Facebook chief executive, peering over his glasses with campy solemnity, “sharing with us the name of the hotel you stayed in last night?”

Zuckerberg seemed at first to have been caught off guard. “Um,” he began, and paused for a brittle laugh. In an instant, however, his furrowed brow relaxed into a shrewd smile at the corner of his mouth. “Uh, no.”

Lewis-Kraus then goes on to discuss the “dead body” problem that has been discussed in the privacy community for more than a decade since the publication of Daniel Solove’s taxonomy of privacy. “Where are the dead bodies,” some have always asked, as if without dead bodies, we could not get people to care enough about privacy harms. But now that we’ve seen what can happen to a national election, is that enough to get people to care enough to do something?

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