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 June 22, 2009  Posted by  Breaches, Business, Court, Featured News, Online, Surveillance

FBHive, a new site covering news and opinions about Facebook started by ‘two twenty-something guys’ who are self-proclaimed ‘avid fans’ of the social networking service, is launching today with a bang. According to the website owners, a security loophole allows anyone to view private profile information even if that information has been shielded off by privacy settings.

Think FBHive is touting this hack simply to draw attention to the new site? Think again.

As a challenge, I asked them to tell me some things about me that they could only find on my Facebook account, which is protected from public viewing and should only be accessible to my networks and friends. Almost immediately, they replied with my birth date, the name of my hometown, the name of my fiancé and my political views. That’s scary (and more proof is available if you click the link below).

Read more on TechCrunch. FBHive updated their site to report:

Update: Facebook have now fixed this exploit, and have also ask we remove the pictures of proof below. We’re going to comply with their request, but expect a follow up story shortly on how we did it.

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