Feb 182019
 February 18, 2019  Posted by  Non-U.S., Surveillance

We’re seeing a lot more “firsts” involving facial recognition technology.  To start, Global Railway Review reports that Eurotunnel will be the first non-airport border crossing to deploy the technology:

Eurotunnel’s terminals are to be equipped with SAS PARAFE (E-Gate) technology, as used at airports, at the road and rail border between UK and France following Eurotunnel’s recent partnership with IN Groupe.

This is the result of collective work carried out over several months between Eurotunnel and IN Groupe, under the authority of the Minister of the Interior in France.

Read more on Global Railway Review.

Meanwhile in Spain, CaixaBank has become the world’s first financial institution to offer its customers the ability to use facial recognition to withdraw cash from ATMs, without having to enter their PIN.

Read more on Caixabank.com.

Thanks to Joe Cadillic for these links.

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