Mar 282015
 March 28, 2015  Posted by  U.S., Workplace, Youth & Schools

Meghan McRoberts reports:

A St. Lucie County teacher has been fired after a student used her cellphone to record a teacher bullying another student.

The Samuel Gaines Academy student, 11-year-old- Brianna Cooper, is being praised by her peers. But, she’s still facing punishment from school leaders for recording the audio illegally.

WPTV legal expert Michelle Suskauer says it is illegal in Florida to record anyone without them knowing.

Read more on WPTV. The student was suspended for five days.

So there are workplace privacy issues and wiretap/recording issues here, but also, the common sense of a child who saw something very wrong and tried to record it so it could be addressed. Let’s see what happens next.

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