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 September 1, 2009  Posted by  Breaches, Court, Non-U.S.

A former member of the British National Party has been fined £200 after admitting publishing the details of some 10,000 party members online.

Matthew Single, 37, formerly of Church Lane, Brinsley, Notts, was fined by Nottingham magistrates after admitting disclosing data without consent.

The names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses of some party supporters were leaked in November.


Outside court, Det Sgt Chris Reynolds said he was disappointed with the result.

Mr Reynolds said: “There was pretty serious stuff after what happened. People were fearful for their safety.

“There was an arson attack on a vehicle, there were daubings and malicious communications. White powder was also put through people’s letterboxes purporting to be anthrax and there were daubings of swastikas on garage doors and on homes.”

It was disclosed in court that more than 160 complaints were made nationally to police following attacks on BNP members and their property.

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