Dec 162016
 December 16, 2016  Posted by  Business, Featured News

Blasted by critics, Evernote has walked back a privacy policy change that left users concerned about employees reading their notes and not being able to opt-out. It’s not exactly a landspeed record for revoking a newly announced privacy policy change, but then, look at how quickly they started getting awful press following their initial policy statement. 

Mark Wilson reports:

With the world so focused on privacy, Evernote should really not have been surprised when there was something of a backlash at an update to its privacy policy that said company employees would be able to access users’ unencrypted notes.

Forced to clarify the situation, CEO Chris O’Neill issued an apology for any “confusion” and “angst” the announcement caused, but this was seemingly not enough. Faced with mounting pressure and criticism, the company admits it “messed up” and has now announced that employees will only be able to access notes if users opt-in to allow this. Furthermore, Evernote “will not implement the previously announced Privacy Policy changes that were scheduled to go into effect January 23, 2017”.

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