Sep 082021
 September 8, 2021  Posted by  Business

Jon Brodkin reports:

Epik, the domain registrar for controversial sites such as Gab and Parler, says that the Texas abortion-whistleblower website violates its terms of use.

The Texas Right to Life group’s website was booted by GoDaddy on Friday for violating its rules, including one that prohibits sites from using GoDaddy to “collect or harvest… non-public or personally identifiable information” without people’s prior written consent. The website switched its domain registration from GoDaddy to Epik and switched its name servers from GoDaddy to hosting provider Digital Ocean. Digital Ocean quickly cut off service, and the abortion-whistleblower site’s domain records now list Epik as both the registrar and name servers.

But Epik was not okay with that. Read more on Ars Technica.

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