Nov 122013
 November 12, 2013  Posted by  Court, Non-U.S.

Rep. Mike Rogers, meet this Swedish Jane Doe, “E.S.” readers may recall Rep. Rogers’ stunning exchange with Steve Vladeck recently, where he claimed that your privacy hasn’t been violated if you don’t know it’s been violated. You may also recall Ken White’s brilliant satirical response on, “Rep. Mike Rogers Angrily Defends Bathroom Spycam,”   Ken’s example was perfect. Consider this case in Sweden, reported by The Local (emphasis added by me):

The European Court of Justice will today rule on an appeal made by a Swedish girl who was secretly filmed in the shower when she was 14 by her stepfather after the man was acquitted in Sweden.

The incident took place over a decade ago and the girl, who is now 25, has taken her case to the European Court of Justice. Her stepfather was acquitted by the Swedish court of appeal in 2007 on charges of sexual molestation arguing that he never intended his stepdaughter to know about the covert filming.

Read more on The Local. What would you say here, Mike Rogers? Would you defend the stepfather? Speak up, man. We all want to hear what you have to say about this.

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