Oct 262015
 October 26, 2015  Posted by  Non-U.S.

Alan Charles Raul writes:

As the world’s privacy commissioners gather Monday in Amsterdam for their annual conference, they face a data-flow dilemma that is roiling international commerce. The predicament is the result of a ruling by the Court of Justice of the European Union. On Oct. 6 the CJEU struck down a Safe Harbor agreement between the European Union and the United States that facilitates the trans-Atlantic flow of digital information.

Read more on WSJ.

I posted a link to this article because I was struck by the somewhat offensive headline. EU is “needlessly” endangering its digital links? Seriously? While Mr. Raul’s firm has a vested interested in international data transfers and business, dismissing EU concerns as “needless” seems a bit over the top to this privacy advocate.

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