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 November 1, 2009  Posted by  Non-U.S., Surveillance

David Millward reports:

Cars could be fitted with aircraft-style black boxes to help police allocate blame following a crash, under plans being considered in Brussels.

The European Commission has spent £2.4 million on Project Veronica, a study on how the boxes would work.

These boxes could be used to reconstruct what happened in the event of a commission which would make it easier for insurance companies to decide who was at fault and, where necessary, enable police to take action against the driver.


These proposals are likely to trigger concern among civil liberties groups over the growth of the surveillance state. However such concerns have been dismissed in the Project Veronica report.

“Anonymised EDR data would be of very limited use in the judicial process and in that regard there is no obvious reason for which data privacy rights should supersede public order and crime investigation,” it notes.

Read more in the Telegraph.

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