Mar 072016
 March 7, 2016  Posted by  Breaches, Court, Surveillance, U.S.

Dominic Patten reports:

After a 2-week trial in Nashville, a jury today has awarded Erin Andrews $55 million dollars over the 2008 incident that lead to video of her nude being splashed all over the Internet. The jury of seven women and five men determined that the hotel owners and a stalker were jointly accountable for the invasion of privacy and humiliation of the now Fox Sports host and Dancing With The Stars co-host.

Read more on Deadline. Andrews released a statement on Twitter:

I would like to thank the Nashville court, the court personnel and the jury for their service. The support I’ve received from the people of Nashville has been overwhelming. I would also like to thank my family, friends, and legal team. I’ve been honored by all the support from victims around the world. Their outreach has helped me to be able to stand up and hold accountable those whose job it is to protect everyone’s safety, security and privacy.


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