Sep 252012
 September 25, 2012  Posted by  Court, Surveillance, U.S.

From EPIC:

Today EPIC filed an amicus brief with the US Supreme Court in Clapper v. Amnesty International USA, a case challenging the interception of communications of US persons under foreign intelligence surveillance laws. This case presents the issue of constitutional “standing,” whether the journalists and human rights organizations who brought he lawsuit can establish an imminent threat or reasonable fear that their communications will be collected. The federal appeals court found in their favor. In urging affirmance, EPIC argued that the capacity of National Security Agency to intercept private communications combined with the failure to establish meaningful oversight underscores the concern that the interception of private communications would occur. The EPIC brief is supported by 32 legal scholars and technical experts, and six organizations devoted to privacy and open government. For more information, see EPIC: Clapper v. AmnestyEPIC: Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA)

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