Jul 022012
 July 2, 2012  Posted by  Business

From EPIC.org:

EPIC has asked the Federal Trade Commission to review Facebook’s decision to change the default email address of Facebook users. The company recently removed email addresses, selected by users, with a @facebook.com address assigned by Facebook. EPIC asked the FTC to review this practice as it finalizes the terms of a settlement with Facebook. “Facebook’s willingness to disregard user choice . . . raise[s] important questions about the company’s ability to comply with the terms of the proposed Consent Order,” EPIC wrote. EPIC also said that the change is a deceptive business practice because Facebook did not tell users that their preferred email address could be removed by the company. And EPIC noted that the change would result in user email being sent to Facebook’s servers that would otherwise have gone to the user’s email service. The FTC’s settlement with Facebook follows from complaints filed by EPIC and other consumer and privacy organizations in 2009 and 2010. The settlement would bar Facebook from changing privacy settings without the affirmative consent of users or misrepresenting the privacy or security of users’ personal information. For more information, see EPIC: Facebook Privacy, and EPIC: FTC Facebook Settlement

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